bow hair pull
Before playing, tie a single bow hair to a string. The G and C strings work well on violin and viola, the A and G strings work well for cello and bass. With rosin on fingers, gently pinch the hair and run your fingers along it moving your hand away from the instrument. You may also pinch the hair between a finger and rosin. It is helpful to keep a rag nearby to wipe rosin off fingers. Example:
A rapid muting and unmuting of the note or notes. Strings: trill by lightly touching a finger to a second note without depressing fully.
Glassy, metallic sound, emphasizing higher partials. Strings: sul ponticello Winds: emphasize higher partials, perhaps aided by multiphonics Brass: brassy, stopped horn
strings: sharply bring left hand finger down on the fingerboard, causing a note to sound winds: key clicks, valve click
A continuous texture of small impulses.
rolling pizzicato
Strings: alternate index and middle finger quickly over string to create a rolling texture
Strings: snap pizzicato (Bartok pizz.) Woodwinds: slap tongued, smack tone Brass: smack/pop